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Ferrets are very popular across the country and can make excellent pets. They are curious, active, playful and entertaining to observe. They can easily be taught to use a litter box and walk on a harness. They don’t require enormous space if allowed to walk and play daily. And the grooming requirements are minimal with only a soft brushing and occasional bathing needed.

But in spite of their many attributes, it has taken us some time to start our ferret page. Why? Primarily because ferrets seem to have more health problems then all our other pet species combined. Okay, this may be over stating the facts, but if you are planning on adding a ferret to your family it is important to understand that the pet ferret will in all likelihood require veterinary care not just for preventative medicine, but to treat some of the many problems they are predisposed to.

Throughout Dr. Patt’s life she has had many rescue ferrets and has thoroughly enjoyed her time with them. She does not wish to discourage anyone from owning ferrets but hopes that future pet owners go into ferret ownership with some knowledge on ferret diseases and husbandry. Another important consideration to ferret ownership is that some states restrict or even prohibit ferret ownership – notably California. Please check your state laws prior to adopting a ferret.

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Ste101C, 1525 N Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85234


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