Purpose of this site…


As a practicing veterinarian in the field of small and exotic animal medicine, I spend much of my time with clients discussing animal care and disease states. I’ve developed the little critters vet web site to provide pet owners, and people within the veterinary medical field, with some of the information on small and exotic animals that I’ve found is often discussed in our practice. The site is not intended to be all inclusive, or to rework some of the very useful information that has recently become available on the Internet. Instead, it is intended to provide quick information on some of the problems I encounter frequently in veterinary medicine and also to provide links to other sites with more established libraries. A digital photo gallery has been attached to the site to display photos of animals I’ve encountered in my personal and professional life. A pet care library page has also been provided to give quick access to additional information on dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets, birds and other little critters.

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