Do I Have To Take My Cat To The ER?

cat blue and gold eyes

Some sure signs to bring your cat to the ER include:

Difficulty breathing (like open-mouth breathing, panting, or a respiratory rate over fifty breaths/minute [hint: count the number of breaths in fifteen seconds and multiple by four to get the total breaths per minute])

Hiding (under the bed, in the closet)

Not moving

Straining or making multiple trips to the litter box

Excessive grooming “back there” with the penis sticking out (seriously – this is really dangerous and is typically a feline urethral obstruction or urinary blockage, which I’ll talk about in a future blog)

Lack of urine in the litter box for more than 36 hours

Painful when picking up

Profuse vomiting (more than 2-3 times in a night)

Excessive drooling

Sitting over the water bowl and not moving

Seizuring or twitching

Any kind of trauma

Any kind of poisoning

Any string hanging out of any orifice (For real. Please don’t pull and leave all orifices to veterinary professionals).

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