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Dog Training – Queen Creek, AZ
Agility, Obedience, and Trick Training

20526 East Ryan Road
Queen Creek, Arizona 85142
Property is gated – please have an appointment.

In 2012 I adopted 2 sibling Pomeranians at 4 months of age. The male was very reactive to new people and all dogs from day one and the female was the exact opposite with an outgoing and social personality. I knew that I’d need to work with my boy, Wookie, to help him overcome his anxieties and learn to follow my leadership. Thus, I started him in training from the get-go but after going through a couple of trainers I was not able to find the right people or training methods for the job.My goal was to work with trainers that would teach me how to re-enforce limits and boundaries with him while at the same time develop his curiosity, intelligence and self-confidence.

Unfortunately, our little man had to have hip surgery shortly after he came into our lives and had several weeks of recovery and a break from training. 

By the time we found Club-Doggie the little guy was a true terror and would take on a mastiff if he was allowed to do so.  I despaired that we would be able to get him past his negative reactions to all new dogs and people but after working with Jubie and Kama at Club-Doggie, he has improved dramatically and continues to do so daily. While we worked with Wookie on his reactivity, I decided to start Luna, our 5 lb little girl, in agility class and found that even though she is little she also responded amazingly to the Club-Doggie training structure and is quickly on her way to being our little agility girl.

agility pomeranian

Luna Learning agility

Since working with Jubie and Kama I’ve started referring all my clients that need a good start or help with various problems to them and have had excellent feedback from all I’ve sent their way. I’m very happy that our hospital and my family has them as a resource and cannot recommend them highly enough.

Jill M. Patt, DVM

the pack

And now … with the pack

additional suggestions for training resources …

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