Wildlife Booklet


Successfuly Wild Rabbit Care: http://www.squirrelworld.com/RabRehab.html

I’ve included this page because we frequently act as a way-station for sick and injured wildlife at the hospital and my intent is to provide a list of contact organizations for those people who find injured wildlife. All wild animals have special needs, particularly in regards to diet. Therefore, it is goldfinchchickvitallyimportant that all found animals be turned over to qualified and licensed rehabilitators. The quicker injured wildlife is placed with a qualified rehab facility or individual the better the chance not only for survival, but also eventual release back into the wild. These rehab organizations all have volunteers who have been trained to care for the different needs of our Arizona wildlife and they will provide the very best possible care.

A few cases…

Kill Deer Chick image_killdeerchick
Western Tanager westerntanagerfracturewing
Quail Chick QUAIL-chick
Bunny image_babyrabbit
Gila Wood Pecker GILAINJURED
Male Kestrel image_kesterl

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