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Little Critters Animal Hospital, Jill Patt, DVM


I’ve been fortunate in my career that I’m able to combine my love for animals with my interest in photography. I always have a camera with me at the hospital and rarely does a day go by without my taking a digital photo of one of our patients. As a result of the numerous photos I’ve acquired I’ve been able to establish a gallery page on this web site with various veterinary medicine and animal photo galleries. Most of my photos are displayed in the interest of education but some are just adorable animal photos. I currently have several galleries set-up including a veterinary medicine gallery, radiograph (x-ray) gallery, exotic animal medicine gallery, Arizona gallery, wildlife gallery and a few others. I hope the photos are enjoyed, but most importantly, I hope that they provide a learning opportunity for pet owners and members of the veterinary medicine community alike. As a footnote, the photos included on this page are of my two Goffin cockatoos enjoying a day by the pool.