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About Littlecrittersvet

Little Critters Animal Hospital, Jill Patt, DVM


My web site is intended to be a guide where I can provide information as well as links to other sites I have found helpful. This site is by no means intended to be all inclusive and this is especially true on the dog/cat section. I’ve found that there are literally tons of sites with excellent dog/cat libraries and therefore I don’t intend to try to reinvent the wheel. I will, however, supply content in the dog/cat section on subjects that I frequently discuss with clients and I’ll be adding more information over time. I’ve also provided extensive dog/cat links to some sites that I think may be helpful to pet owners as well as members of the veterinary community. The same largely holds true for the exotic animal sites, except that I believe there is a smaller body of information available on many of our exotic pets. Therefore, I’ll again provide links, but will also include more on-site pet health care information for our exotic species such as birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets and rodents. Lastly, I’ve include a wildlife rehabilitation (rehab) page to help with information on specific types of Arizona wildlife and an Arizona pet care page with information specific to our AZ pets. This is a new project for me and is currently a work in progress. I hope you’ll continue to check back with us as we update and add information over time.