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Veterinary Services in Gilbert AZ

At Little Critters Veterinary Hospital, your pet’s health is our number one priority! We are a full service veterinary hospital providing wellness, medical, dental, surgical services, nutritional counseling and environmental enrichment counseling for all pets. We treat dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, birds and small mammals. Our mission is a healthy pet for you and excellent education and service to our clients. Regardless of your pet’s age or existing medical conditions, we can provide all of the wellness and advanced veterinary care your pet needs to give you peace of mind that your pet will enjoy a long and healthy life.

Dr. Patt is a strong promoter of preventative, or wellness, veterinary care. She encourages a proactive, preventative approach to health care for your pet. She works closely with each of her clients to ensure they receive accurate, up-to-date information concerning their pet so they may make the very best veterinary health care decisions for their pets. She believes your veterinarian is one of the most important aspects in providing your pet with a long and healthy life, and highly recommends establishing a relationship with a veterinarian the first day you acquire your new pet. Your pet will get the best care when seen by a veterinarian who knows your pet and, more importantly, one who knows what is typical for your pet, both in behavior and laboratory results.

She recommends all pets should be examined bi-annually by a veterinarian and recommends regular lab screening as well. The lab screening will vary for each pet, but typically includes a fecal panel, complete organ panel, and a look at the red and white blood cells. The importance of this cannot be overstated. Animals are notorious for not showing signs of illness until they are critical and a good way to catch them in the early stages of any disease is with basic lab screening.

Another benefit of lab screening is for the establishment of normal values for your individual pet. This becomes important when your pet is ill because we have those baseline values to compare the current results to. This allows your veterinarian to determine the longevity of the disease and also helps to allow them to focus on the changes that are of most importance. If I could do only one thing with this website, it would be to enforce the importance of a good relationship with your veterinarian.

The veterinary services offered at Little Critters Veterinary Hospital include:

Veterinary services Gilbert AZ
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