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We are proud and excited to welcome Dr. Diane Paster to Little Critters Veterinary Hospital starting February 14th, 2017

Because of Diane´s deep love for animals, commitment to quality care and pain control, continuing education to further her abilities and her understanding of complimentary and sports medicine, we feel that she will be a very welcome addition to our family.

About Dr. Paster

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” Roger Caras

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Expert Health Care and Attention for Your Furry, Feathered and Scaly Family Members

We recommend annual wellness care for all pets with annual labwork so we can assess the health of your pet. A bi-annual exam will help us diagnose diseases while they are treatable.

About Dr. Patt

“Who can believe that there is no soul behind those luminous eyes!” Theophile Gautier

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Lifelong, Trusted Veterinarians Caring for Your Pet

We desire to be your partner in your pet´s health care through out their life. Please call us today for an appointment for your special pet.

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“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” Immanual Kant

Welcome to Little Critters Veterinary Hospital


Dr. Jill Patt, veterinarian, welcomes you to Little Critters Veterinary Hospital, a full-service, locally-owned, small animal and exotic pet hospital in Gilbert, AZ. Our veterinarians and exotic pet vets provide loving, tender veterinary care and attention for all pets in the Gilbert and Mesa area. Dr. Jill Patt has the experience to care for your pet throughout his or her lifetime and the desire to be your partner in your pet’s healthcare plan. Our website contains information about the veterinary care we offer for your type of pet along with pet care guides and information on small and exotic animals that we have found is often discussed in our veterinary clinic. Dr. Patt and her entire staff are looking forward to meeting you and your pet soon! Please visit our veterinary services page for more information about our services.


We now have an online pharmacy for easy ordering of medications, foods, ear/skin products and also special compounded medications. We can easily make a medication in a special flavor or formulation specifically for your pet. If you'd like to sign up or a free account please contact us or feel free browse through our pharmacy at this link - All food is shipped free with the auto ship function as are all medications over $49.99.

We are proud members of Local First Arizona!

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Dog Veterinarian Gilbert & Mesa Az

It is our goal to educate all of our dog parents on the importance of canine wellness care, proper canine care and potential health problems their puppy, adult dog or senior canine may face based on their age and breed. An annual wellness exam helps us, together, determine the health of your dog and plan the right care plan for your dog, including the proper vaccination schedule, nutritional program and dental care plan…



Cat Veterinarian Gilbert & Mesa Az

Adult cats comprise the largest pet category and can have the most diverse illnesses based on their history, diet and environment. The feline wellness care program at Little Critters Veterinary Hospital is designed to keep your kitten, adult cat and senior feline healthy through high-quality preventative veterinary care. An annual wellness exam is recommended for every adult and senior cat, but we may request to see kittens…



Reptile Veterinarian Gilbert & Mesa Az

We love treating reptiles and our goal is to improve the care of these wonderful animals. Many of the patients we see suffer from chronic malnutrition due to both a poor diet and inadequate environment. We can help you keep your reptile healthy for a long life. Read more about proper nutrition and environment enrichment for your reptile


Bird Veterinarian Gilbert & Mesa Az

Birds are intelligent, popular pets that need regular wellness veterinary care, mental and physical stimulation, appropriate nutrition and environmental enrichment. Your avian veterinarian should be one of the most important aspects in providing your bird with a long and healthy life. Read more about bird care...


Small Mammals Veterinarian Gilbert & Mesa Az

Small mammals, such as ferrets, rabbits and rodents, make excellent pets. Proper care for small mammals includes annual wellness exams, proper nutrition and mental and physical stimulation. Daily walking and playing is recommended to keep your small mammal in tip top shape. Read more about caring for small mammals...


Little Critters Veterinary Hospital in Gilbert AZ


Dr. Patt has practiced veterinary medicine in the field of small and exotic animal medicine for over 15 years. She has had an interest in small and exotic pets early on in her life, and her home has been filled with “little critters” of all types. She is dedicated to providing information to pet owners about healthy pet care and has written numerous published articles on small and exotic animal medicine. Read more about Dr. Patt...

Our hospital has a very active Facebook page in which Dr. Patt posts information that she thinks may be of interest to pet owners so please join us there. Because of the many diverse interests in small and exotic animal care and medicine she has found it helpful to establish special interest Facebook groups to share information with fellow enthusiasts. Her pet species pages are 1) Pet Birds of AZ 2) Pomeranian Dogs 3) Australian Parakeets.


As a practicing veterinarian in the field of small and exotic animal medicine, I spend much of my time with clients discussing animal care and disease states. I’ve developed the Little Critters Pet Health Library to provide pet owners, and people within the veterinary medical field with some of the information on small and exotic animals that I’ve found is often discussed in our practice. This library is intended to provide quick information on some of the problems I encounter frequently in veterinary medicine and also to provide links to other sites with more established libraries.

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Dr. Jill Patt thanks Shelly Fields, Shelly Field Photography for many of the wonderful photos on this website.

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