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Canine Allergies

Welcome to the Canine Allergies page at Little Critters Veterinary Hospital in Gilbert, AZ. This section is devoted to understanding and managing allergies in dogs, a common yet often challenging condition. Allergies can significantly impact your dog's quality of life, manifesting in various symptoms like itching, scratching, and skin infections. At Little Critters, we stay at the forefront of veterinary medicine, offering innovative treatments such as Cytopoint and Apoquel, which have revolutionized allergy management in dogs. These therapies provide relief from the discomfort associated with allergic dermatitis and improve the well-being of your canine companion.

In addition to these treatments, we also emphasize the importance of accurate diagnosis through blood allergy testing for atopy. This testing helps in identifying specific allergens affecting your dog, allowing for more targeted and effective treatment strategies. Our goal is to provide comprehensive care and relief for dogs suffering from allergies, ensuring they lead a comfortable and happy life. Explore this page to learn more about the signs, symptoms, and advanced treatment options available for managing canine allergies.




 Itching

 Scratching

 Biting at the skin

 Licking

 Chewing

 Rubbing

 Scooting

 Gnawing

 Paw chewing

 Inflamed skin

 Flaky skin

 Foul odor

 Skin Infections

 Ear irritation

 Ear infections

Did you check multiple boxes? If so you dog likely has allergies and is suffering but it can stop now.

There are many new and very safe therapies available for Atopic Dermatitis (seasonal allergies in dogs) and our favorite is Cytopoint

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Itch associated with allergic dermatitis? Consider Apoquel tablets

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