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 Dental Care at Little Critters Veterinary Hospital in Gilbert AZ

Dog with ToothbrushPet Dental Care in Gilbert & Mesa AZ

Little Critters Veterinary Hospital understands that periodontal disease can lead to other disease problems in your pet's body and are often a source hidden pain. As a result, we are preemptive in working with you to keep your pet's mouth healthy. Most pets do not receive regular tooth brushing, which leads to periodontal disease. Just think about the results if a person never brushed - yikes. We work with you to develop a home care program that fits your needs and may include brushing, antiseptic rinses, antiseptic gel, probiotics, natural care, water additives, food and the proper chews. 

When we determine that a professional dental cleaning is needed, we ensure that every health need of the pet is met to give the best possible outcome. All our professional dental cleanings include an antiseptic rinse, a fluoride rinse, hand scaling, ultrasound scaling, polishing and probing with examination of each individual tooth by the doctor. 

Additionally, all pets receive a full mouth set of digital dental x-rays using the new ScanX system. This system is unique in veterinary medicine in that is uses soft flexible phosphor plates in various sizes to ensure comfort and maximum details. The set of professional digital dental x-rays are vital in catching hidden disease such as a tooth root abscess and they allow us to track your pet's oral health over time.