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The PupPod Wobbler is a new high-tech, interactive, multi-level puzzle game that gets harder as your dog gets smarter.

To play, your dog must figure out when to touch – or not touch –the toy to earn a reward. When he solves a puzzle, the PupPod smartphone app cues you to toss him a treat or a piece of kibble. (Or reward him automatically with Pet Tutor, an optional Bluetooth treat dispenser.) Increase the difficulty level of the game using the smartphone app to prevent boredom and keep things fresh and fun.

With PupPod, dogs learn:

  • To touch on cue
  • To discriminate between cues
  • To determine which actions earn a reward
  • Better impulse control
  • How to put their problem-solving skills to work
  • And much more!

Give your dog the mental and physical stimulation he deserves with PupPod!

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Welcome to Avian Enrichment where our mission is to provide information to bird owners that will foster a deeper understanding of the emotional, instinctual and physical needs of parrots.  We believe, that the better we understand our birds, the better we can ensure that they will live happy, healthy and fulfilled lives as our companions.