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Jill M. Patt, DVM

Owner / Founder of Little Critters Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Jill M Patt Providing Experienced & Loving Care for all Dogs, Cats & Exotic Pets at Little Critters Veterinary Hospital in Gilbert, AZDr. Patt has always been deeply committed to animal care and wellbeing and has devoted her life to improving their lives through quality veterinary care. 


Dr. Patt is the founder of Little Critters Veterinary Hospital and a longstanding practicing veterinarian in Mesa, Arizona at a small animal and exotic pet hospital.

Dogs, Cats & Exotic Pet Care: 

Her focus while obtaining her veterinary degree was in small and exotic animals. The term “small animals” in veterinary medicine is used to refer to dogs and cats. While the term “exotic animals” indicates birds, reptiles, rabbits, ferrets, rodents, and other “unusual” pets. Because she has vast personal experience with exotics and has kept, shown, raised and basically spent her life with all of the above types of animals she felt that this species tract was the perfect choice for her.

Goal is Quality Care: 

Dr. Patt's goal in her practice of veterinary medicine is to provide the furry, feathered, or scaly patients with the care and attention their guardians would expect for themselves.

Lifelong Love of Animals: 

All her life, her home has been filled to overflowing with “little critters” of all types. As long as she can remember she wished to become a veterinarian and had worked towards that goal. She feels that the animals who have shared her life are little ambassadors for all her patients as they have taught her much about each of they unique needs. 

Dogs: A true believer in the strength of the human animal bond, Dr. Patt has always shared her life with dogs and is very involved in improving her communication via training. She has a special interest in Pomeranian dogs and also the sport of dog agility as well as obedience and dog tricks. She has also been actively involved in rescue throughout her life and is a founder of Animal Doctors to the RESCUE a non-profit for sick and injured homeless animals. 

Cats: Raised by a mother who rescued all stray animals and every cat she could, Dr. Patt grew up with all sorts of cats and learned to understand their amazing intelligence and personalities well.  The most special Cat in her life for Sadie, a rescue that came into her home at 13 years old with no teeth and one eye. She proved to be a very unique sole who was well cherished and lived to be 21. 

Rabbits & Poultry: Growing in 4-H and FFA Dr. Patt learned about the needs of rabbits and poultry at an early age and has had many that shared her life as pets. She highly recommends keeping rabbits only as house rabbits. 

Birds: Dr. Patt has always had a special attachment for birds of any sort and has kept, raised and love all kinds from ducks to cockatoos.

Reptiles: Dr. Patt & her husband have a "reptile room" filled with lizards, snakes, tortoises and much more. Of particular interest to the doctor are lizards, geckos and tortoises. She has raised crested geckos and kept uromastyx lizards for many years. 

Ferrets: As a teenager Dr. Patt rescued 3 male ferrets and quickly learned what joy they can bring to a household

Rodents: As many children have, Dr. Patt had various rodents as pets growing up and later in life she became involved in rescuing feeder rats and rehoming them as pets after spaying and neutering them. She has a special interest in rats, guinea pigs and chinchillas.

... and so many more... 

Committed to Education and Knowledge: 

She was fortunate enough to attend WSU where she completed her bachelors in veterinary science, graduating Magna Cum Laude. She also obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from WSU where she was a member of the veterinary honors society of phi zeta and again graduated Magna Cum Laude. 


In 2000 she graduated Magna Cum Laude from Washington State University School of Veterinary Medicine & started practicing her passion. During this time she was responsible for starting an exotic animal veterinary practice at her Mesa, AZ location, volunteered at the Medical Shelter of the Humane Society, taught at the Mesa Community College Veterinary Technician Program as adjunct faculty and helped start Animal Doctors to the RESCUE. 

In 2016 she opened the doors of Little Critters Veterinary Hospital in Gilbert, AZ to allow her to continue her goal of exceptional patient care for all types of little critters.

Additional interests include Canine Sports Medicine, Canine Reproductive care and Preventative health care. She is also very experienced in the general practice of veterinary dentistry. 

Dr. Patt provides medical, surgical and dental care to all types of critters and has a passion for Pomeranian Dogs & exotic pets. 

Call to schedule an appointment for a dog, cat or exotic pet: (480) 696-7744

Special Interests: 


Dr. Patt working with Winston, a previously paralyzed
Great Dane puppy and a rescue by Animal Doctors
to the R

Dr. Patt neutering a Sugar Glider

Some of Dr. Patt's Exotic Finches she hand raised 

Some of the Birds that have Shared Dr. Patt's Life

Wookie Running Agility with mom at Club-Doggie


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