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Coyotes are commonly seen in the suburbs and pose a particular danger to cats and small dogs. As we build our homes farther and farther into the desert, the coyotes are in much closer proximity to humans and their pets.

In our area we have seen coyote attacks on small dogs in their own yard, and unfortunately fatalities in cats. Cats left outdoors at night are at an increased risk because this is often when the coyotes are out hunting. Don’t think your walled yard will keep them out because they are more then capable of jumping up onto the wall.

If your cat must be outside, I recommend using a kitty door leading out to a fully enclosed cat run. This will not only keep your cat safe from coyotes, but will also protect them from other cats.

Another danger that coyotes can pose to pets is the spread of viruses. In particular, coyotes can get parvo virus which is contagious to dogs and can they also can carry rabies.

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Very Important - Do not harm these animals they are just trying to survive. Rather, be aware of the potential dangers to your pets and keep them safe.