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 We Believe a Healthy Pet is a Happy Pet!

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Exotic Pet Care at Little Critters Veterinary Hospital in Gilbert & Mesa, AZ

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Veterinary Services in Gilbert AZ @ Little Critters Vet

How it all started: 

Little Critters Vet is the dream of founder / owner Jill M. Patt, DVM, to provide loving, personalized care to pets and their owners in a privately owned NON-Corporate setting. Allowing for personal relationships with pets and their people. At Little Critter Vet we will get to know you and your pet so that all needs are personalized and met with the highest standard of care. 

What we do: 

At Little Critters Veterinary Hospital, your pet’s health is our number one priority! We are true animal lovers and go to work every day to attempt to make animals lives better. We feel very fortunate to have such wonderful clients/friends who want only the best for their pets and allow us to provide this level of care. We are a full service Veterinary Hospital, in Gilbert, AZ, providing wellness, medical, dental, surgical services, nutritional counseling, reproductive care, exotic pet medicine, acupuncture, complementary and holistic services, as well as behavior & environmental enrichment counseling for all pets.

We provide loving care for all dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, birds and small mammals. Our mission is a healthy pet for you and excellent education and service to our clients. Regardless of your pet’s age or existing medical conditions, we can provide all of the wellness and advanced veterinary care your pet needs to give you peace of mind that your pet will enjoy a long and healthy life.

Our Philosophy: 

Dr. Patt is a strong promoter of preventative, or wellness, veterinary care. She encourages a proactive, preventative approach to health care for your pet. She works closely with each of her clients to ensure they receive accurate, up-to-date information concerning their pet so they may make the very best veterinary health care decisions for their pets. She believes your veterinarian is one of the most important aspects in providing your pet with a long and healthy life, and highly recommends establishing a relationship with a veterinarian the first day you acquire your new pet. Your pet will get the best care when seen by a veterinarian who knows your pet and, more importantly, one who knows what is typical for your pet, both in behavior and laboratory results.

About Health Plans at Little Critters Vet:

We understand that Pet Health Care can be costly so we provide a numbers of preventative health care plans that are customized for various ages and species. This allows owners to consult with their veterinarian and choose the best level of care for their pet's current needs. These plans can be paid monthly allowing for easy payments but the highest level of care. Many owners say that our health plans allow them  to provide the type of pro-active preventative care that they want for their pet with a means of being able to easily afford this care. Call or ask our staff members about a health plan for your pet today. 

The veterinary services offered at Little Critters Veterinary Hospital include:

Canine Health Care

Feline Health Care

Exotic Pet Care

Avian Health Care

Reptile Health Care

Small Mammal Health Care

Complementary/Natural/ Holistic Medicine


Natural Therapies & complementary medicine 

Dental Care

Advanced Dental Care with Digital Dental Radiology

Diagnostic Services

Nutritional Counseling for All Types of Pets

For dogs, cats and exotic pets

Reproductive Care 

Canine & Feline Reproductive Care 

Behavioral Counseling for All Types of Pets

For dogs, cats and exotic pets 

Surgical Services

Soft tissue surgery at Little Critters Vet for Dogs, Cats and exotic pets


Caring, calm and quiet environment 

Health Plans

One year of care with low monthly payments 

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