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Little Critters Veterinary Hospital

1525 N Gilbert Road Suite #C-101
Gilbert, AZ 85234


 Hospital Tour

Step into Little Critters Veterinary Hospital, a 3,773-square-foot sanctuary of veterinary expertise located in the warm community of Gilbert, Arizona. Our facility is a testament to our commitment to providing outstanding care in a comfortable, nurturing environment. Your virtual tour begins in our inviting reception area, where the soothing ambiance immediately reassures you and your pet, setting a tone of calm and meticulous care.

The tour unfolds to reveal seven expansive exam rooms, each a private enclave where your pet's health is our foremost concern. Our comfort room, designed for peaceful and intimate consultations, offers a compassionate setting for families during delicate moments.

At the core of our practice is the state-of-the-art surgery suite, equipped for a wide range of medical interventions, from routine procedures to complex surgeries. Adjacent to this is our comprehensive in-house diagnostic suite, outfitted with sophisticated tools for full service diagnostics, including digital dental radiology. Here, we conduct complete blood count (CBC) tests, blood chemistry analyses, disease screenings, and intricate evaluations using digital microscopy, ensuring precise and swift diagnoses.

Our dental care is unmatched, featuring two dental stations with digital radiology capabilities, where we maintain and restore dental health with precision. Throughout the hospital are various treatment stations and incubators, catering not only to the needs of dogs and cats but also to the unique requirements of exotic pets. Our dedicated staff, trained in the care of a diverse range of animal species, is always at hand to provide specialized attention.

Every inch of Little Critters Veterinary Hospital is thoughtfully arranged to support the health and comfort of your pets, whether they're the fuzziest kittens, the most loyal dogs, or the most intriguing exotic creatures. Join us on this virtual tour to experience a place where state-of-the-art veterinary care is infused with genuine compassion for all living beings.


Little Critters Veterinary Hospital Gilbert,AZ


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