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Little Critters Veterinary Hospital

1525 N Gilbert Road Suite #C-101
Gilbert, AZ 85234


 Hospital Tour

It's official! Little Critters Veterinary Hospital will be expanding into the suite next door to us increasing the hospital to ~5147 sq feet  as of OCT 2017. Dr. Patt and Dr. Swisher will continue to be our primary doctors and no worries we won't have any downtime. We are doing this to improve on our patient and client comfort and to allow us to have no wait times for exam rooms to become available. We will be adding a larger comfort room and 4 larger exam rooms with 2 that will open into one large physical therapy room (or giant dog room), a larger dedicated cat room and larger dog room. We will also expand our exotic room and add an entire exotic pet hospital ward. The surgery suite will be moved to a dedicated space next door and we will have a dedicated hospital ward for large dog kennels as well as one for cats and a separate isolation room for any infectious pets, with a sick pet exam room separated from our other rooms. Dedicated parking has also been moved to directly in front of our office and this is regular and emergency parking.


Little Critters Veterinary Hospital Gilbert,AZ


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