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Diagnostic Services at Little Critters Veterinary Hospital

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Diagnostic Services

  • Little Critters Veterinary Hospital Offers Comprehensive In-Hospital Diagnostics


  • full in house lab suite offering onsite and same day blood chemistry, complete blood cell counts, thyroid level, fructosamine, phenobarbital monitor and many other pet-side tests. We also offer in house and referral lab urinalysis and cultures.


  • For radiology we have the newest, latest and greatest digital DR x-ray system by Sound. This system provides incredible details from our smallest finches to our great danes. All our x-ray are read out by a board certified radiologist ensuring an accurate and fast diagnosis. 

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  • We offer veterinary Ultrasonography for pregnancy diagnosis and disease scanning

Digital Dental Radiographs

  • Fast Patient-Side tests for parvo virus, heartworms, tick diseases and more.

Viral Testing

  • Fast and accurate pet side viral testing as well as canine vaccine titers. 

Fecal Testing

  • Completed by a highly respected commercial lab

Urine Testing

  • Including urinalysis, urinary culture, protein:creat ratio and protein loss in urine as well as many other urinary diagnostics. 


  • In-house endoscospy available


  • Including in-hospital diagnostics and progesterone testing at a highly respected national laboratory 

Fungal & Disease Testing

  • Including Valley Fever Testing at a very low cost as well as full testing capabilities at our national laboratory.